Deborah Turbeville - Anh Duong and Marie-Sophie Emanuel Ungaro, Vogue (1984).



"Untitled" (En pointe) by Frank Vic.


Eternity Dress. Tilda Swinton photographed by Katherina Jebb.


cutting bangs


"That phrase ‘I am responsible for my orgasm’ applies to everything though, you know — to your creative work, to your life; you are responsible for the orgasm to life. You’re here for a brief period of time and you’re the one who is going to make yourself come, and you can have partners and collaborators on that and all these sorts of things but it’s on you, you know. And if you don’t do the homework on yourself and if you don’t sit still with yourself, then the chances that you are going to be able to get there and get there with somebody else are slim to none."


I think we’re going to tear each other to shreds.

SOUNDTRACK » Milner/Carvel, Milner/The Assistant, 1974-1979.

one. meditative chaos, cristobal tapia de veer
two. count backwards, emika
three. nude (holy fuck remix), radiohead
four. colouring of pigeons, the knife in collaboration with mt. sims and planningtorock
five. blind (tv on the radio cover), the delta mirror
six. tender mercy, au palais
seven. in this world (lost frequencies bootleg), moby
eight. this is my last goodbye, former ghosts
nine. utopia finale, cristobal tapia de veer
ten. ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space (the different studios mix), spiritualized


Fashion, Art, Sex, and Disco by Puerto Rican photographer and illustrator Antonio Lopez.


Greta Gerwig for Paper Magazine



Details from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus Part III (Part I, Part II


Natalie Wood

Giulietta Masina photographed by Edward Quinn, 1957

Xiao Wu (Jia Zhangke, 1997)


Stoker (2013)